"The quieter you become the more you are able to hear."
~ Rumi ~
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SatyaYoga Studio

Saswitha Yoga

Saswitha Yoga is 'old school' Hatha Yoga where we combine physical exercises (āsana) with breathing techniques (prānāyāma) as a preparation for meditation.

Classes comprise around 10 to 12 calm yoga exercises. As a preparation for the static pose, we first do the classical Hatha Yoga āsanas in a dynamic way. The breath is supporting every movement. By concentrating on our breath, a meditative attention arises, resulting in an inner silence.

Every possible movement of the spinal column will be addressed. In every exercise we are looking for the right balance between relaxation and strength. The exercises are varying from subtle to challenging and can be adjusted to each one's abilities.

There are also moments to feel the effects of the exercises, moments of silence and exercises for relaxation in order to create a complete experience. The attention turns inwards, to yourself, raising an awareness of who you really are.

The heart of yoga is our breath and a lot of attention will be put on allowing the breath to expand. The more space we create in our bodies for the breath the deeper we can relax. Yoga āsana teaches us to expand, deepen en liberate the breath. And gradually we learn to control the breath for concentration, stilness and insight as a pathway to who we really are.

A class ends with a long relaxation: the key to relaxation is becoming aware of the tension in our bodies.

At the end of a course you receive a hand-out containing 15 yoga exercises. Here you will find a description on how to execute a pose and further information will be given regarding the physical and psychological effects of the various poses.